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Almost Human - Single

by Social Anxiety



released January 14, 2017



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Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Almost Human
A destitute aficionado, recluse with a bottle
Playing loose going full throttle shatterin’ all the models
Try it twice was the motto that got me this bravado
Play it like the lotto ‘till the screams push the envelope
I coddled the bottle ‘till the liquor made me wobble
Swallowed all the sorrow ‘till the whiskey pardoned tomorrow
Spent more than I borrowed, that’s a capitalist’s cargo
Sorry never spared me the emptiness of this plateau
Smiled like a scarecrow, shot like an arrow
Spoke like a pharaoh wrapped up and reduced to bone marrow
Walked the straight and narrow and all I got was an ego
Acted like the hero but all they saw was a weirdo
¿Hola mi amor, puedo ir contigo?
¿Te sientes solo cuando no estás conmigo?
I’ve learned a thing or two and added it to my lingo
Got my ducks in a row like life’s a game of bingo
Whenever I’m with her I feel like I’m halfway to real
I’m almost human ‘cause she’s got me head over heels
Syncopate the synchrony to comfort the company
The physics of a slippery slope prevent me from being me
So I’m smokin’ Sour D sliding into daydreams
Slid into her DM’s and she awoke my love with ease
Sometimes that leaves me trapped at the bottom of a ravine
‘Cause I’m so caught in my head you’d think my skull had teeth

Diving headfirst into doubt before the ground I’m on gives out
My disorder speaks but never look a gift horse in the mouth
‘Cause when you do you’ll see that only the truth ever comes out
And that inkling of doubt is just your head wigging out
A pauper and a prince, I’m the messiah to all masochists
A pervert and a prude calling this mess what it is
A hypocrite curtailing bliss for a figment of a tryst
Antisocial atheist misdirecting spastic fits

I’ve distorted my senses with discordian ethics
Resorted to methods other deemed unpleasant
To send forth a message of wasted adolescence
And fed my depression through sordid transgressions
I’ve explored the wreckage and been imploringly reckless
Reduced my dimension to being reluctantly sentenced
Inundated my presence with debauched lessons
Of delinquent intentions that preserve my essence

I’ve relinquished my control over escaping this terror
Because a single day spent living is never in error
I’ll continue to proceed through the stormiest weather
Because I believe with all my heart things will get better
They secure their success with rock the vote Novembers
So we’ll secure our survival by becoming dissenters
We’ll reduce these monuments to smoldering embers
Because all they stand for is the illusion of shelter

I’ve submitted to the discomfort of this specter
Learned to thrive in the darkness under extreme pressure
Made the gallows my home rather than just a measure
To sacrifice my blood and bones for her love forever
And whether or not we can embrace this gesture
I’ll always think of you and I as a treasure
So always remember when you start to feel weathered
Grass is greener on the other side ‘cause the climate is wetter