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by Social Anxiety



released January 18, 2016




Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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We gave scraps to the patsy’s, junk to the bad seeds
Funk to the jazz scene, punk to the upheave
Gave my heart to a sad scene of down kings
Drowning out the silence with a chemical cleanse
Johnnie Walker mends, china white ends
Acid kills the belief in pretend
Marijuana lends a helping hand
Dear god, we’ve got a psychonaut on our hands
Suburban angst on psychotropics
Try to hate but you admire my focus
Oh shit I keep dropping dope shit
Stealing fire like Prometheus
The truth of the matter is I’m not bogus
An act of god like a swarm of locusts
Take girls out just to fuck the hostess
Stepping stones to remind I’m broken
Out of my mind, the prognosis
Is I’m dead to your diagnosis
Yes the victim of a psychosis
Don’t need to tell me twice, I know it
Got a winning hand, don’t need to show it
High in demand, strange devotion
Never hold back, fuck their motives
Never give in, fuck their notions

Got a self-induced rhythmic tick
That provokes me to rap like this
An army of synthesized theme music
A long, hard road to artificial bliss
My life’s a collection of chin music
Satisfaction remains elusive
The older I get, the more I like seclusion
Social anxiety made me reclusive
And that’s what I get for my delusions
A bottle of Jack’s and a star on the map
I’m a savage, no way around that
So this might be the last shot I ever get
To display affection for the art of death
To ingrain direction into each last breath
To supplant transgressions too complex
For the mind of man to comprehend
I’m not perfect but I know I’m worth it
Fuck everyone who thinks that I’m worthless
I’m not perfect but I know I’ve earned this
Fuck everyone who thinks I don’t deserve it
I’m an artist who provides a service
The soundtrack to discovering purpose
There’s more to you, of that I’m certain
You’re not the only one this world is versus
You’re not the only one who’s always hurting
Cuz death and I are always flirting
And we’ll keep it up till she calls curtains
I’m less of a lover, more like a servant
But life’s the one who’s been observant
And the love she displays is so fervent
But our relationship’s subversive
So the entire world looks to pervert it