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First of the Year - Single

by Social Anxiety



released March 27, 2016



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Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: First of the Year
I’m not slept on, the world’s comatose
They’re stuck in lalaland while I stay woke
But if I rap like this and spit real shit
Maybe they’ll catch on quick and see that I’m legit
I tried to find the philosophy in the monotony
Till this girl suckered me into monogamy
And honestly, I know she sees the flaws in me
But she’s the type that can see beyond these things

I’m holy like a dartboard, dark like a Sith lord
Connected to a motherboard of dark arts like Voldemort
This is for every girl I bought a bouquet for
Who turned this pen of mine into a flaming broadsword
Get it “broad sword?” How many would I slay for?
How many have I slaved for only to say no more?
How many have I changed for only to pay for?
New year, same me, fuck your fake decor

Promoting positivity as a pessimist
The actions of an aspiring hypocrite
Needed food for thought, so I took a sheet of acid
A feast for psychonauts who only follow white rabbits
How did I get this big? Better go ask Alice
I’ve traveled these blocks, incited these mobs
‘till the only thing in my hand was a blunt to cop
And a few kindred spirits ready to let shit pop

So I party like a rockstar, fuck like a pornstar
Said hello to the Pharcyde, adopted the dark side
Indie hip-hop ‘till I die, epitaph inscribed
Hope my stage name’s in my obituary headline
Cuz anxiety’s a cage, born Coppola
Watch me get radio play without a payola
Been spittin’ real shit since ya’ll had Motorola’s
I’m laying down the law like the ayatollah