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Gasoline - Single

by Social Anxiety



released August 21, 2016

Everything: Armando Flores Jr. (Social Anxiety)



all rights reserved


Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Gasoline
Wasn’t till I cut through currents like a regatta
That people forgave the persona non grata
Got a new start, blank slate, tabula rasa
Silencing demons with a cup of kava
If home is where the heart is call this mi casa
If this is the beginning, welcome to the saga
Your lyrics are as dense as a lake of lava
Mine are as essential as the vena cava
I think the other me was just an imposter
But I’m done wasting energy putting out fires
In the right mind to let them burn brighter
In the right mind to help them flames get higher
I’ll be the gasoline if you’d be my lighter
We’ll make our bed by lighting funeral pyres
For the foolish people who thought we’d tire
One day they’ll see we were the purifiers

When we blow up big they’ll call us extreme
You be the spark, I’ll be the gasoline
When we’re the talk of the town they’ll say anything
But the truth is we won’t be listening
When we blow our load they’ll call us obscene
You be the bark, I’ll be the teeth
When we’re the talk of the town they’ll say anything
But we didn’t get this far by listening

Wasn’t till I cut through tracks like a Ferrari
And fried these other rappers like calamari
They acted like I’m the rap game Mata Hari
But what will they say when they see my army?
In a world of Ken’s looking for their Barbie
I’m a Clyde who finally found his Bonnie
They’re saying one day I’ll crash like Darby
But I’ll clean up like a roll of Brawny
I think the new me is kind of a rockstar
A cynosure released from a bell jar
I don’t know where I’m going but I know it’s far
Even if I have to get in with a goddamn crowbar
I’m always hanging by a thread due to sheer desire
But I guess it’s my fault for walking on this high wire
When life resorts to being a long quagmire
You’ve got to fight fire with fire

[Chorus] (x3)