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Compassion Club Aggressive, different, and captivating at the same time. Dispell your preconceived notions about what music should sound like. Open your mind. If you don't have access to acid, this is on the list of next best things to it. This is a must buy if you are an open minded lover of music. Social Anxiety is a constantly evolving, experimental individual with a wide range of tastes and a plethora of topics. I recommend listening to the rest of his catalogue as well. Favorite track: BRAIN DAEDALUS.




released December 30, 2016

Music, lyrics, & vocals: Armando Flores Jr.
Artwork: Dakota Hicks (IG: @buck_tooth_)



all rights reserved


Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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We gave scraps to the patsy’s, junk to the bad seeds
Funk to the jazz scene, punk to the upheave
Gave my heart to a sad scene of down kings
Drowning out the silence with a chemical cleanse
Johnnie Walker mends, china white ends
Acid kills the belief in pretend
Marijuana lends a helping hand
Dear god, we’ve got a psychonaut on our hands
Suburban angst on psychotropics
Try to hate but you admire my focus
Oh shit I keep dropping dope shit
Stealing fire like Prometheus
The truth of the matter is I’m not bogus
An act of god like a swarm of locusts
Take girls out just to fuck the hostess
Stepping stones to remind I’m broken
Out of my mind, the prognosis
Is I’m dead to your diagnosis
Yes the victim of a psychosis
Don’t need to tell me twice, I know it
Got a winning hand, don’t need to show it
High in demand, strange devotion
Never hold back, fuck their motives
Never give in, fuck their notions

Got a self-induced rhythmic tick
That provokes me to rap like this
An army of synthesized theme music
A long, hard road to artificial bliss
My life’s a collection of chin music
Satisfaction remains elusive
The older I get, the more I like seclusion
Social anxiety made me reclusive
And that’s what I get for my delusions
A bottle of Jack’s and a star on the map
I’m a savage, no way around that
So this might be the last shot I ever get
To display affection for the art of death
To ingrain direction into each last breath
To supplant transgressions too complex
For the mind of man to comprehend
I’m not perfect but I know I’m worth it
Fuck everyone who thinks that I’m worthless
I’m not perfect but I know I’ve earned this
Fuck everyone who thinks I don’t deserve it
I’m an artist who provides a service
The soundtrack to discovering purpose
There’s more to you, of that I’m certain
You’re not the only one this world is versus
You’re not the only one who’s always hurting
Cuz death and I are always flirting
And we’ll keep it up till she calls curtains
I’m less of a lover, more like a servant
But life’s the one who’s been observant
And the love she displays is so fervent
But our relationship’s subversive
So the entire world looks to pervert it
Track Name: K.T.P.
Who the fuck are you?
What the fuck can you do?

Curbstomped passion out of misled habits
Till the kids in the crowd dubbed me silly rabbit
Gave up magic to be a savage
Chasin' dreams the way junkies chase dragons
I’m holy, controlling,
yet you think you really know me
My soul bleeds, it shows me
you can never really slow me
If all the world’s a stage I’m a Tony award winner
In a play about selling god to sinners
I’m a rat in a cage eating the cat for dinner
Rehab taught me that drugs aren’t for quitters
I’m an acid trip away from a mental ward
I’m an asshole in ways that you can’t ignore
Won commendations from these mental wars
Cuz I had the nerve to use my pen like a sword
Fucked up on the drugs my parents abhor
‘Till a syllable count seemed like a high score
Fuck a county bed, rather sleep on the floor
Freelance romantic and full time whore
I’ve been wearing down my vocal cords
While people I know make it onto Forbes
Finally know what I’m looking for
And it ain’t a fucking Grammy award
Finally know what I’m leaning towards
A no gods, no masters kind of discourse
Finally know where I’m headed for
A revolution is brewing just above these chords
Finally see what I’m good for
Mobilizing you into a force
Finally see what I’m working for
Much closer in reach than ever before

Who the fuck are you?
What the fuck can you do?

If you want change, then be it
All you do is talk but can’t see that
If you want things to be okay
Then you have to set the present tense
If you want the paradigm to shift
Then you might have to kill the precedent
If you want to stand taller
You should stand on the backs of giants
If you want to live freely
Refuse to be compliant
If you want to hit deeply
Stab with defiance
If you want it completely
You have to build an alliance

Wondered why they treat us
like pawns in excess suppliance
But I’ve come to realize
We’re all the cogs in this appliance
So if we set our sights
On dismantling this reliance
I think we’d come to find
Autonomy is a new science
I’ve torn out my insides
To find the idea they implanted
That made me just like them
Enchanted by commandments
But I was thrilled by the slightest
of doubts that plagued my mind
Until those doubts festered
Giving purpose to this fight
Cuz this systems on self-destruct
Unless we guide it into the light
So that when things unravel
It’ll be blinded by our might
And the world will go to shambles
Before it sees we’re right
So we have to stay steadfast
Such is the nature of our plight
Track Name: END CREDITS.
Handcuffs on my heart, that’s cardiac arrest
I’ll play William Tell like Burroughs with one bullet left
It’s russian roulette with symptoms left unchecked
I’m comatose at best, she’s a disease of the head
Fuck, marry, kill, as if there’s nothing to invest
At a standstill, there’s a stalemate in my bed
Cuz we play this game of chess so close to our chest
Love’s not dead, that’s just a delusion we invent
The Maker’s Mark leaves a scar on my lover’s arms
I cried myself to sleep, you asked when it rained so hard
Six feet under my art lies a heart torn apart
By a world of morning glories mourning a false start
I've wished for the end just to see what comes next
But came to realize all roads end in death
I wish things would last but that’s not what I get
So I’ll wish for a song that gets me out of my head

Get my lion's share of hunting snares in predator-prey love affairs
But I don't chase the day unless it’s up a flight of stairs
Leading to a room with a panoramic view
Most people die for nothing, with everything to lose
Wear this halo like a noose, dangle strangled from a spruce
Personified my end and then she dyed her hair blue
Entombed in her hues, dancing down dark avenues
I’m patient with my ruse, it’s my greatest virtue
I’m blue over news and I might not see this through
I’m groomed for abuse and neglect to my point of view
I’m doomed to a truth that I’ll never be right for you
It’s gloom in my room, it feels more like a tomb
But in the dark I’ve seen the most patient flowers bloom
In my heart lies a force that is as tired as you
But there’s no time to rest when you’re surrounded by these views
So I’ll keep moving forward with plenty left to do

I’m screwed by a rule that says I cannot mend this bruise
I’ve succumbed to cues providing roads to choose
I’m lost from lack of use and I’ll never stop paying dues
To a world that refuses to acknowledge their misuse
I’m in love with a muse that others think is an excuse
I’m entranced by the fire in her that lights my fuse
It ignites a chain reaction when these dark clouds start to loom
And breathes life into the very womb that is my nom de plume

I’ve ignored the beauty that surrounds all this doom and gloom
I’ve squandered second chances given by kinder hearts than you
To realize these are my chickens coming home to roost
Today I see that I’m better off without you
Maybe being happy involves some sort of truce
Between the flowers you’ve grown and their roots
And maybe the only thing there is left to do
Is embrace life when it’s colors diffuse