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(meta) - Single

by Social Anxiety



First single off of the upcoming second album!


I’m the greatest of all time
You all better fall in line

Guess who finally realized that he’s the shit?
Broke the Internet harder than Kim K.’s tits
Two albums down, I’ve just started
Cold wind blowing, call me the arctic
That’s a sick reference like ebola for breakfast
Rap’s missing link, I am the nexus
Girls on me like I’m dipped in pheromones
Nah baby, that’s just $300 cologne
I’m back motherfuckers but I never left
I might as well tat an SA on my chest
Cuz I’m a superhero on some real shit
Spell me I-N-D-E with a pen and “dent” it
Show respect to the games new CEO
Yeah, I’m on this level like I got the cheat codes
Whitey’s raining on your parade like it snowed
I can tell your jealous, it totally shows
You’re like, “that guy is such an asshole”
We liked him better when he used to rap slow
They are so quick to drink the Haterade
But they only dump on you if you win the game
So I must be doing something right, what a change
From havin’ “do the wrong thing” etched in my brain
Girls are starting to come around, what a shame
Cuz ain’t no chick on earth gonna make this beast tame

Took to rapping to turn this frown around
But I’m happy now so what the fuck do I rap about?
That stench of failure? Gotta air it out
Take to streets and show ‘em who owns ‘em now
I don’t need to be high to elevate my mind
That’s a crutch to numb the effects of life
Spit real shit like I got diarrhea of the mouth
Another punchline to knock wack rappers out


People like me endangered like white rhinos
If bees could make a comeback, so can I though
You tried to kill my colony to watch me die slow
But I took a chance and went with it like a dice roll
Resurrected three days later like Jesus Christ, oh
That’ll piss off three religions, oh me, oh my, oh
Stick my white Mexican meat in your piehole
Like a grenade in your mouth, it’ll give you firehole
Damn, I taste good but hurt like hell coming out
So I only come inside so you’re stuck with me now
I’m in your stereo now, ain’t no way I’m coming out
You’ll have to put this on repeat and sing out loud
It’s none of my business what you do with your life
But if you fuck with mine you’re getting cut twice
Once for the hassle, and once to send the message
That no one fucks with me, you get it?
To everyone hatin’, here’s a free lesson
Just work on yourself and you’ll get what I’m gettin’
Write everyday, can’t progress by sitting life out
Now on top of the world like I’m D1 bound
I approach this world like I were Charlemagne
Cuz I won’t stop till I’m fuckin’ running everything
And to those who wish I had stayed more humble
Bino said it best, “they don’t listen when you mumble”
Got this far by just doing me
Won’t stop until you’ve crowned me the king
Won’t stop till I’ve killed and resurrected the scene
With me at the forefront of it’s reckoning
I don’t want to be the guy that saves your life
I want to teach you how to save yourself this time
Invest in yourself because we only get one ride
Fuck YOLO, carpe diem or you’re not really alive



released November 27, 2014
Music, production & lyrics: Armando Flores Jr. (Social Anxiety)
Additional vocals: Krystal Ann Flores



all rights reserved


Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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