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BAPHOMET 3​.​0: Positive Affirmations From A Depressive Realist

by Social Anxiety



released October 2, 2016



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Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: BAPHOMET 3.0: Positive Affirmations From A Depressive Realist
Hypomanic panic, tolerance of the addict
Junkie for a fascist, imbibed on the Sabbath
Anecdotal passions, serving others habits
Foolish till the last hit, they think I’m kind of batshit
Native to the Dhara, alien to the perma
Passing through the dharma, circumventing karma
Curmudgeon verging on blatant anachronism
Yet nihilistically optimistic about anarchism

Let’s party till we’re reckless, end our lives mid sentence
Fuck up their reign, this government’s our warden
If democracy’s a prison I will never be conformist
The only way to beat them is to turn up the distortion
Eat acid, see yourself as energy in motion
You’re never really still even when you feel frozen
You’re never really dead, you just become formless
No longer bound by the chains of a human fortress
You never really live until you see yourself in portions
We’re all imperfect beings, but we’re poetry in motion
Life is best done in bursts of infinite devotion
We’re just the algae floating in this cosmic ocean
You never really give until you're empty and avoidant
We’re all imperfect beings, but we’re properly distorted
By the social constructs we set to divide our notions
You’re so much more than an influx of emotions

And when it’s said and done you’ll have meant something important
To the few soul mates who never fell out of your orbit
And you will live on in your ideas and in portraits
And the energy you pass onto all that absorbs it

I just want you to know if things get dark from here on out
That your heart’s a work of art from your birth to when it gives out
And the revolutions that you start are fires that will never burn out
So don’t take it to heart the times life leaves you down and out
Your pain has a purpose just as much as the happiness you doubt
And the importance of your message will be more than haters you amount
And the scars you collect will be reminders of how far you’ve climbed out
And the love that you gave others is what people will talk about
Don’t let them try to tell you that you’re not magnificent in every way
Your flaws can be your attributes if you think of them that way
And someone will love you for all that you are someday
Don’t let them sell you on the lie it’s impossible to change
Don’t let them try to tell you that you’ll never pull your weight
The load only grows but the weight gets easier to take
And someone will do their part to share that burden one day
And you’ll carry each other with every step you take
I know things are hard right now but this too shall pass
Happiness you constantly work at is happiness that lasts
Success cannot be measured it can only be embraced
But everyone who acquires it keeps it going at their own pace
One day the world will know you by the positivity you create
One day you’ll look back on all of this with a smile on your face
One day all that you have gone through will have not been in vain
Because everything you’ve got will have been built in its wake