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Triumph - Single

by Social Anxiety



released September 5, 2014



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Social Anxiety Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: The Art of Alienation (Triumph)
Found comfort in the silence, assurance in the violence
Turned coals into diamonds, misery into triumph
Captured lighting in a bottle once, think I’ll go for twice
Fractal scarring on my front, back, and sides but I’m alright
Turned static into symphonies, whispers into shouts
Faced this storm head on and finally saw my way out
Took a chance on love and let it fill me up with doubts
I’m a raging hurricane; I’m a fire you cannot douse
My head is an escape artist looking for an exit route
My heart is a machine that’ll pump until it gives out
My life’s a feel-good movie that will never come out
Cuz it’s filled with shitty actors that never stand out
From a story that’s scripted like a modern masterpiece
I’m the master of my own fate; create my own chains
Spent so long in hell, sulfur and ash are all I taste
Heaven’s not a destination; it’s a parking space

With my back against the wall I took these hits with grace
Took the hits, banged out the dents, and continued on my way
How can you really live your life any other way?
I live life on life’s terms and nowadays it goes my way
I could be dead and buried and no one would know my name
But I know I’ll live forever through the words on this page
It could be so much worse and trust me it has been
But everyday I vanquish demons with a click of a pen
Whether they are yours or mine, it doesn’t even matter
I shine a light into a world filled with dark matter
If words cut like a knife; I’m a walking, talking dagger
You can do me no harm; you’ll never see me stagger
Try your best to bring me down, I promise you will fail
If it’s a cold day in hell, then I must be the hail
Spent a summer in my head, felt like a jail sentence
Now I’m making up for mistakes, call this my penance

If there’s a doubt in your mind, you don’t deserve my time
Moving on from those who don’t value me in their life
Call me the devil even though I know I’m heaven-sent
The world never expected someone like me to ascend
I’ve soared to new heights; Icarus with airplane wings
I promise I’m not letting someone else ever pull my strings
So put a smile on your face even if you’re struggling
‘cause we make our own luck in this life I would think
That’s actually something I would know, this is the bleeding heart show
We’re all broken until we make ourselves whole
Don’t overthink it, we’ve all got heads like holes
I’ve made my own happiness my number one goal
Invest in yourself ‘cause you’ve got no one else
Don’t hide how you feel from anyone especially yourself
Embrace the darkness and don’t let it take control
And follow me into better days with all of your heart and soul
Track Name: The Art of Alienation (Triumph) [Instrumental]